How to reduce the volume of hips?

How to reduce the volume of hips     Big hips add to nobody beauty and do not raise self-assessment. To get rid of this shortcoming, it is necessary to approach to solution in a complex. First of all you will be helped by special exercises. The daily exercise stress will allow to reduce gross weight, and feet become visually more harmonous and longer. Let’s consider effective ways which will allow to reduce the volume of hips.

We reduce hips in volume.

To get rid of hips of the big size you need integrated approach which consists of trainings, food and psychological work.

Exercises for reduction of the size of hips
Begin occupation with good warm-up. For a start one minute running on the spot (it is low raising knees) Stretch muscles of back, hands and feet. Execute bendings, swings, split and half-split. It is fine preparation for the subsequent loading and excellent prevention of sport injuries. We pass to the list of exercises.

Knee-bends classical     Knee-bends classical. To carry out 10 times on 4 sets. Get up directly with widely placed feet, having extended hands before itself. Slowly fall down and bend thus feet in knees. If at you it is impossible to fall low, squat as can.

Knee-bend at wall. The special training ball which is called fitball is necessary. Become back to wall, having receded from it on step. Straighten back and put legs shoulder width apart. Ball place for back at the level of the backbone middle. Hold back directly and fall down, without bending thus foot in knees. When the line of hips becomes parallel to floor, return to starting position. Repeat exercise of 10-12 times. Thus impact on forward part of hips, buttocks and popliteal sinews therefore the volume of hips decreases is observed.

Serial lunges involve the main muscles of hips and buttocks in work. The right foot quickly step forward, fall down, bend foot in knee that the line of hip became parallel to floor. Rise slowly and execute the same with the left foot. It is necessary to make 10-12 serial lunges by the left and right feet.

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     Jumps knee-bends. This exercise forces to work at the same time both popliteal sinews, and buttocks. Only it is necessary to carry out it at fast speed. Take initial position, having become directly, having established feet on width of shoulders, holding hands on each side. Squat, slowly falling. After that make jump up. Having landed, instantly sit down. Make 10-12 times. It is necessary to make 10-12 serial lunges by the left and right feet.

Aerobic loadings

Thanks to aerobic trainings the heart rate will raise, plentiful sweating will result. Such sports occupations provide movements of feet. It increases physical capacities of organism and effectively burns excess calories. Any kinds of exercises will approach: run, walking, skating, work on the elliptic exercise machine and stepper. 45 minutes of aerobic training 3-4 times a week will be enough.

Food for reduction of hips in volume

Food for reduction of hips in volumeExercise stresses need to be combined with certain way of food. Use less proteinaceous food (daily norm – 1 g of protein on 1 kg of weight) and more natural products. Add in the menu fish, fruit and vegetable salads, cereals and cellulose. Will reduce to minimum the use of boiled meat, porridges and bean. It is also necessary to limit drink. More detailed diet for growing thin of hips is here. If you play sports, it is necessary to drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day. But at wide hips from this norm it is necessary to take away 500 ml, differently in problem zone there can be fatty folds.
The pool and bath too will have positive impact in your case. The sweating room allows to get rid of 1-2 kg, and during swimming muscles are well restored.

Work with itself in itself

The psychological moment very much is very important point for achievement of result. Exercises and food is only means, by means of which you will achieve reduction of hips in size. The real work is work on.
For a start accept problem as the fact and recognize what exactly you are guilty. “I am responsible Skazhta for that that I have too big hips”. It is valid so. Nobody can be responsible for your body as you. Drive away installations which were thought up by the persons of no character, afraid to look to the truth in eyes. Never speak that you have big hips because of that that you are inclined to completeness. You have big hips because you do not take any preventive measures despite predisposition to gather all in hips.
I have acquaintance who repeated the whole day: “I am responsible for that that I have healthy thighs; I it have made m itself I will correct”. This installation has helped not only to accept problem source, but also to correct. Two and a half months of trainings later and diet it was completely happy the rezulty.
As soon as you assume responsibility of current situation – you consciously will undertake for discomfort elimination. Be not afraid to set the purpose. If you think in advance that at you will turn out nothing – at you it will turn out nothing. Present as your feet will grow thin in month. Dream up: present itself in short shorts, try to feel views of people around of your charming graceful legs.